Nzoy Commission
Moserstrasse 30, 3014 Bern
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What we do

In Switzerland, there are regular police attacks on People of Color, people on the move,  and socially disadvantaged people. Some of these assaults end fatally, as in the case of Roger Nzoy Wilhelm. The commission considers necessary a complete investigation of these deaths, and a civil society observation of police actions. Therefore, we have decided to begin work on the following points:

  1. A comprehensive investigation of the circumstances that led to the death of Roger Nzoy Wilhelm at Morges train station on August 30, 2021. 
  2. A comprehensive examination of the legal and police procedure, the investigation files, and evidence of the judiciary. To examine whether the investigation met the requirements of criminal procedure for the investigation of deaths, or to what extent the investigation was deficient: How was the crime scene secured? Were the witnesses duly questioned, or was pressure exerted against them? How did the forensic medical examination proceed?
  3. To examine whether the investigation into the case of Roger Nzoy meets the human rights requirements for an effective and independent investigation into unusual deaths, and what structural obstacles stand in the way of clarifying police abuses.
  4. To contextualize the circumstances that resulted in the death of Roger Nzoy Wilhelm within Switzerland's historical and social framework.