Nzoy Commission
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Killing of Nzoy

We are investigating the circumstances of the incident of 30 August 2021, in which Roger Nzoy Wilhelm was shot dead by a police officer at Morges railway station. We are also thoroughly investigating the state investigation into this case. The commission's findings will be published in due course.

The Border Forensics research team reconstructed the course of the killing in Morges using a film. The film shows that Wilhelm lay tied up on the ground for six and a half minutes with a gunshot wound and made no other movements apart from breathing. This proves that the police officers involved failed to carry out vital rescue and resuscitation measures. Dr. med. Martin Herrmann, one of the medical experts on the commission (FMH specialist in general surgery and traumatology), confirmed in his analysis that the necessary first aid measures were not carried out, even though Wilhelm, who was lying on his stomach, posed no threat to them and was still breathing. The question to be answered in court is: Could Wilhelm's life have been saved by immediate first aid measures by the police officers present?